Yamagata Maiko | Interpreter and tour guide of Yamagata

Yamagata Maiko

Yamagata Maiko

Maiko are young women who perform traditional dance and music.They wear beautiful kimono. Their hairstyle is a traditional one and decorated with many hair ornaments.

But they are still in training. When they have higher skills of dance and music and become independent, they are called “Geigi” or “Geisha”.

In Japan, there are some cities and districts where you can see maiko. The most famous city for maiko is Kyoto but Yamagata City, which is located in the northern part of Japan, also has maiko.

Maiko are gorgeous and beautiful. Their beauty comes not only from their appearance but also from within. Other than traditional dance and music, they practice flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and calligraphy, too. In this way, maiko acquire elegant manners.

Maiko usually show up at high quality (and expensive) restaurants but they also appear at some events out of doors. So there are many opportunities that you can see maiko. They are very popular and some young women are interested in becoming maiko, although the training is tough.

But how to become a maiko?

In the case of Yamagata Maiko, new maiko are recruited when there is a vacancy. They stop being maiko when they reach a certain age. After which, they become geigi or leave this kind of entertainment area. New maiko are recruited irregularly through hellowork, Japan’s public job-placement office. Any young women can apply for the job, regardless of nationality.

If you are interested in becoming a Yamagata Maiko, check the hellowork carefully. You might be a Yamagata Maiko someday.

Yamagata Maiko and Yamagata Shinkansen (bullet train)